Monday, 13 July 2009

Cycling with Jessie

Went cycling yesterday with my youngest, who's recently turned 6. Actually we went in search of a cyclist that went missing in action while doing the Big Bike Ride (a charity event in aid of the NSPCC) but when we got there he'd made his way back to the starting point, so we went cycling instead.

I thought cycling along the Plym valley path to Plym Bridge and back might prove too much for her, but Jessie kept insisting she wanted to explore and cycle some more, so on we went. In the end she cycled 3,8 miles and was ready for much more afterwards! Go Jessie!

Here's the map of where we cycled:
The "scribbles" are where we played around in an empty car park.

I think she's well ready to cycle all the way to school (with me or my wife alongside, of course!)