Tuesday, 2 August 2011

More on Gem Bridge

On Saturday, I took some more photos I was given some photos, by a complete stranger that I will never recognise again. It was dark when the stranger gave me a micro-SD card containing the photos, and I'm sure he was wearing a wig, a false beard and sunglasses, so I cannot describe him at all.
As I have now clearly indicated how I obtained these photos, nobody can try and do me for trespassing, as one commenter on this blog has threatened to do.

Right, now with the nonsense out of the way, on with the pics! As you can see, the slender concrete pillars are nearly done, while segments of the actual bridge are being joined together. Presumably it won't be long before some of the segments are being placed onto the pillars.

Two segments of the bridge being joined.
The view from Yelverton side.
More bridge segments being joined on the Tavistock side.