Wednesday, 28 March 2012

New Gem Bridge photos

I've been forwarded new photos of Gem Bridge, as well as photos of Grenofen tunnel, by Mad Scientist. I was really glad of these pics, as sadly I've not had the opportunity to cycle out to Gem Bridge for some time, and the last update on the Devon County Council site was back in January.

Anyway, enough talk, here are the pics:

Ashmill bridge, before Tavistock. The abutments to this structure are listed,
which makes rebuilding it a bit more tricky. Clearly they haven't started rebuilding it yet.

Gem Bridge looking towards Horabridge. The slope in the foreground very recently was
a service road for heavy earthmoving equipment

A view of the bridge deck. Can I be a spoilsport here and ask you NOT to climb up
onto the bridge? It is still a construction site and may not be safe

The track leading towards Grenofen tunnel.

Grenofen tunnel, as seen from the Horabridge side. They have done
extensive clearing of vegetation - it used to be very overgrown!

A close-up of the Horabridge tunnel mouth

The view from Gem Bridge