Adventure Cycling And Philatelic Society 

Members of the Adventure Cycling And Philatelic Society, shortened to ACAPS, share a love of going on cycling adventures, and MUST carry a used postage stamp at all times. Any member may challenge any other member to produce said stamp at any point in time. Failure to produce said stamp may result in penalties incurred. These may take the shape of a hot beverage, cake, or similar.

The obvious question that follows is this: how does one become a member? Well, pull up a pew, and allow me to explain...
First, you need a bicycle of some sort. Or unicycle, tricycle, quadcycle - you get the picture. Next, it MUST be human-powered. Oh, sure, it can be electrically assisted, but we won't tolerate what are essentially electric motorcycles, so as long as you have to pedal to ride (excluding downhills, of course) you will be welcome here.
Next, you must agree to abide by the rules, which are listed further below. Oh, and of course, you must want to become a member. And that's it - meet these requirements, and you're a member of ACAPS.

Currently, ACAPS has a Facebook group, but I'm hoping to move it off FB, and onto an old-school web forum. Please feel free to join the Facebook group, or not to join.

The group has rules:
1) ALL posts made must somehow relate not just to cycling, but adventure cycling
2) ANY posts solely about stamp collecting risks getting you booted out
3) At least ONE photo posted must include a visible, used postage stamp
4) There are exceptions to Rule 3, e.g. a photo of an idiot who gave you a close overtake
5) If you cannot post about your own adventures, at least comment enviously on the adventures of others. We don't dictate what "adventure" means, and it is up to each member to interpret that for themselves
6) Telling others they must or must not wear a helmet will get you booted out! This is NOT the place for helmet debates!
7) Telling others they must or must not wear hivis, brush their teeth 6 times per day, or similar, will get you booted out!
8) It is expected (though not required) of all members to spend at least one night per year sleeping outside (tents are allowed)
9) It is expected (though not required) of all members to do wild swimming at least once per year, with bonus points for skinny dipping (we'll take your word for it, and photographic evidence is not required!)
10) Language will be adult, at times robust, but abuse will not be tolerated. It's OK to disagree, even strongly, but it's NOT OK to be abusive
11) Meeting in real life is strongly encouraged


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