Cycling Routes

There are two kinds of routes listed here. DayCycle routes, that you can cycle in a day (or less) and GoCycle rides - these are longer rides, spanning multiple days.

Each route has a description, as well as a map. Many cycling routes make use of trains, as I find so many people are surprised to find how easy it often is to take bikes on trains, and because it isn't something people think of doing, they miss out on so many other routes.
Get more details on taking your bike on the train by following this link.

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Here's a list of the routes I have so far - just so you know, I've cycled each of these routes, so I can better describe them to you, and I revisit them regularly, so I can keep this guide up to date.

DayCycle  Rides

DayCycle rides are routes that you can easily ride in a day, or part of a day.


GoCycle  Rides

These are the longer, multi-day rides.

I'm working on a number of different GoCycle routes, but I've been severely hindered by COVID. This is because I ride the routes I publish, so I can have first-hand knowledge of them, and can therefore tell you about good and bad points. COVID meant I cannot go out to ride these routes, though I'm hopeful that the vaccine roll-out will mean that at least a semblance of normality will return in the foreseeable future.


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